Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Smooth Skin

One of our Advanced grads had suffered from ichthyosis (fish-scale disease) for nearly 50 years which meant the skin on most of her body was quite rough and itchy, particularly on her the front of her legs where it would get so dry that it would crack deeply and bleed and so unsightly that she would never wear a skirt because even when it “healed” her legs were badly scarred.

She’d spent thousands on treatments and creams etc and then after doing the Advanced course she did 2 balances while under the shower (I think she said one of them was the Shampoo Balance!) with statements along the lines of “the skin on my body is soft and supple” and “my skin naturally regrows and is healthy”.

Over the following months, her skin began to change and the roughness was replaced by soft smooth skin and the skin on the front of her legs is now completely normal and even the earlier scarring has disappeared – needless to say she’s celebrated by buying some skirts!!

Hope this helps!


Recovering from Addiction

Rita Soman recently published an article entitled, "The Real Secret-A New Approach to Improving Recovery from Addictions" in 'Recovery Today' on the front page.

A Horse?.. Of Course

Recently had great fun with PSYCH-K session with a horse. For your enjoyment...

Horse owner and I have done PSYCH-K with this horse before (through surrogation) but not when standing next to him.

I muscle tested the owner to see if best to work with her or the horse first. While testing to work with horse first, horse energetically moved his head up and down to say "YES me first". The muscle testing indicated this to be true.

After establishing surrogation with the owner representing her horse, we began testing for belief points to balance. When approaching the priority belief point, the horse, again, shook his head up and down for YES ... and of course, that was what tested as the priority belief point. This occurred almost every time.

When doing Energy Focusing, the horse shut his eyes and became very quiet. When we finished, he opened his eyes near the same time frame that we were finishing Energy Focusing.

Owner has shared that since the session: "We are both calmer...more positive and secure with ourselves and each
other. We are also more patient. It feels like a wonderful partnership."

Such a blessing to have PSYCH-K in our lives to share with human beings, four legged friends and any other form of consciousness!


Robin L. Graham
PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Instructor
InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc.
1630 Bonnie Lane, Ste 104
Cordova, TN 38016


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Moving Story Proves Regular PSYCH-K Is Good For You

(From the bowels of the Success factory; we've never stooped so low)

I received the following e-mail from the lovely and estimable Mary Trenfield in Bristol, UK. Mary is hot on the trail of becoming a Certified (Qualified) PSYCH-K Instructor. She did a marvelous job of detective work here; I'll outline her process in "The Inside Story" for those of you who have studied PSYCH-K.

Last week "Constance" came for help regarding the problem that she has with her bowel movements. Now in her mid-twenties, she has had this problem since she was four. Constance suffers from chronic constipation and can go for two weeks between bowel movements. Then she has diarrhea. She has visited numerous specialists and has had several procedures. She has had lots of counseling and has taken nutritional advise. Nothing has worked for her. The problem is very distressing to her and causes her discomfort every day.

It took us a while to get to the bottom (as it were) of this problem. [Mary made this joke, not me! ˜ Ed.] We muscle tested a variety of possibilities, eventually discerning that the problem had to do with a relationship with a man from her childhood. Constance told me that this man had attempted to murder his wife whilst Constance and her mother were visiting. The incident took place in the bathroom and the victim suffered multiple stab wounds. Constance's mother was very traumatized and never talked about the incident. This was the first time that Constance had made the connection between this incident and her constipation.

Having made this discovery Constance quickly came up with two belief statements: "It is completely safe for me to be in the bathroom on my own," and "It is completely safe for me to be around water even when I have my eyes shut." We used the New Direction Balance for both of these statements. Constance said she felt very different, and left saying that she needed to visit the bathroom!

The following day Constance related to me all of the habits she realized she had developed around her fear of the bathroom:

* She never locks the bathroom door but must have the front door locked.
* She always leaves the bathroom to clean her teeth, wash her hands, apply make-up etc.
* She invites her boyfriend into the bathroom as much as possible.
* She never takes a bath, and hates taking a shower.
* She panics when she closes her eyes in the shower and of course never wants to take the time to relax and spend time using the toilet, therefore manifesting urgent diarrhea so that she is in and out quickly. All of these behaviors she had developed without realizing!!!

The morning after her PSYCH-K session Constance had an enjoyable shower during which she was able to shut her eyes without panicking, applied her make-up, locked the bathroom door, chilled out a bit, had a completely normal bowel movement and came into work planning a lovely bubble bath for that evening. She is going to re-decorate the bathroom over the weekend!!! Whilst she was in work she found she could remain in the toilets to wash her hands and touch up her make-up.

One last thing: Constance went to collect her boyfriend that night "in the middle of nowhere." He was late arriving, and she said that she had none of her usual panic responses relating to being on her own in the dark.

Wow! 20 years of suffering and the problem is solved in just one hour of PSYCH-K.

Very best wishes to you Larry, from Mary

Mary can be reached at

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Johnnia Pounds Away Without Diabetes

Here is another success story from Larry Valmore:

Dear Friends,

Some of you will recall the Success reproduced below from when it was first published November 16, 2004. For most of you, it will be the first time to see it although you may have heard me mention it in a Workshop.

I originally called this woman 'Nancy,' to protect her anonymity. (The majority of the PSYCH-K® Success of the Week stories use a pseudonym.) However, Johnnia is her real name and she has told me point blank to use her real name for this update.

I talked to Johnnia (pronounced like 'john-ah') on Monday, December 17, 2007. She still does a lot of PSYCH-K and had come across a puzzling situation, so we did a bit of brainstorming together.

Johnnia told me she is now completely off of all forms of medication for diabetes (she took her last medicine in July), yet her blood sugar readings are consistently "dead in the middle of normal." Except for two or three occasions since November 2004 when she was hospitalized for other illnesses, and medications for those illnesses raised her blood sugar temporarily, Johnnia has been in the normal range for well over three years now.

On November 7, 2004 we did about 90 minutes of PSYCH-K together in a Holiday Inn hotel room in Shreveport, Louisiana. (I have to admit it was Advanced PSYCH-K; we used nothing from the Basic Workshop, except of course muscle testing.)

Here's a bonus. Johnnia has lost about 40 pounds in that time, without dieting or exercising beyond housework. She eats what she wants, when she wants.

Here's a bonus Success. Johnnia has had some 33 blood clots, including pulmonary emboli. Most people would be dead, but Johnnia is doing well. She was diagnosed with four distinct clotting disorders. (She says the rarity of that is like walking four golf courses in a single day and being struck by lightning on all four courses.) Once she had the names of the disorders, Johnnia used PSYCH-K with herself to balance for a new reality. She's not had a single clot since October of 2006. Very unusual for her.

You can reach Johnnia at (Yes, the 'i' in her name doesn't go in the e-mail address.)

Original story, 11/16/2004

How Sweet It Is !!!

I'm really proud of this one, as I believe it can offer real hope to a lot of people. Long, but worth it!

A PSYCH-K˙ student in Shreveport, Louisiana (let's call her Nancy) has been diabetic for 18 years. For the last 8 of those years she has taken insulin injections 4 times daily. For the last 3 years, she has taken insulin orally, twice a day, in addition to the four injections.

Now, she has taken no insulin whatsoever for more than a week, and her blood sugar has remained within normal, healthy limits. Last Tuesday (Nov. 9th) she had her first candy bar in three years. She did some work on Saturday afternoon while repeating a Basic Workshop in Shreveport, then the two of us got together for some more PSYCH-K on Sunday evening after the Workshop.

Let me repeat: No insulin whatsoever (except what her own body makes!!) since last Saturday afternoon. A typical blood sugar reading at 7:00 AM (actual 30 day average from Nancy's ever present Glucometer) is 302. Last Monday morning, it was 152. Her 4 times daily readings from Monday morning Nov. 8th through Tuesday evening the 16th are reproduced below. (Her Glucometer keeps records for 90 days.) Nancy says she feels "wonderful" and is "just tickled" with these changes. In addition, her feet used to feel "ice cold" due to neuropathy caused by the diabetes. Now, her feet feel warm again.

I am especially pleased because this lovely lady has done so much for others since she learned PSYCH-K a year ago. Those of you that have followed these success stories for a while will recall the story of the woman who was suicidal, and had written two letters to her family, apologizing for taking her own life. After a single PSYCH-K session with Nancy and Nancy's therapist partner, the woman gave the letters to this former diabetic, saying "I won't be needing these." ("A Woman of Letters," June 8.) Nancy also facilitated the recent reversal of hair growth in a troubled 17 year old ("A Hair Raising Story," Oct. 19). Finally, she was the patient in the hospital, whose nurse had a history of abuse as a teenager. From her hospital bed Nancy facilitated a balance with the nurse, who came in a few days later and said she felt like she could breathe again, for the first time in 25 years. Also, she'd had no more nightmares. ("Phsyician, Heal Thy Nurse," Sept. 7) For this gracious, talented lady to have such a marvelous change is a real blessing.

7:00 AM 11:30 AM 5:00 PM 10:00 PM
Monday, Nov. 8 152 145 130 132
Tuesday, Nov. 9 128 126 74 87
Wednesday, Nov. 10 107 115 112 120
Thursday, Nov. 11 116 160 174 126
Friday, Nov. 12 130 128 141 78
Saturday, Nov. 13 102 71 128 136
Sunday, Nov. 14 116 132 170 142
Monday, Nov. 15 127 169 153 120
Tuesday, Nov. 16 139 165 154 114
Averages 124.1 134.6 137.3 117.2

For comparison, note the numbers from the first week in October.

7:00 AM 11:30 AM 5:00 PM 10:00 PM
Monday, Oct. 4 231 295 454 528
Tuesday, Oct. 5 213 566 552 407
Wednesday, Oct. 6 272 285 374 526
Thursday, Oct. 7 280 398 412 >600
Friday, Oct. 8 253 328 364 480
Saturday, Oct. 9 248 372 349 406
Sunday, Oct. 10 376 384 410 349
Averages 267.6 375.4 416.4 470.9

Altogether, this represents a 65% decrease in average readings comparing the week after PSYCH-K to the first week in October. We're not replacing Nancy's doctor, just augmenting sound medical practice with supporting subconscious beliefs.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Balancing Act

Here is a question for all of you "Facilitators" and instructors of PSYCH-L out there to chew on:

I've been balancing for various aspects of my "psychology" for lack of a better word. Its common and natural for most of us to want to "self-improve". Your all familiar with the standard self-improvement balancing acts: anxiety, feeling more confident and other self-esteem issues, removing fear, anger and depression from our lives. These items keep reappearing in the Success Stories.

My question that has now become a set of questions:

Once we balance for various items on this list of psychological characteristics we'd like to "improve" are we done? Is it just a matter of watching changed behaviors manifest in our lives?

Is it that easy?

Are we "done done done" with that issue forever, or as I'm beginning to sense, can those issues pop up again in another behavioral disguise?

Could it be that we can only balance for those aspects of our psychology that we are presently aware of?

Another way of asking the question is, to what degree do we need to re-balance, if at all or are we simply experiencing new facets of our psychology that need additional balancing?

I am very interested to hear from YOU...

You Got Nuthin' On Me, Copper! or Heavy Metal No Music to Chiropractor's Ears

Continuing in a line of Aussie Successies, Terri Bowman sends the following that she received from a chiropractor, in Western Australia I believe. I met Terri in Munich last May, where she came to study Advanced PSYCH-K. (Klaus Medicus sponsored that Workshop for me to teach. Now he is a newly Certified Advanced Workshop Instructor. Congratulations, Klaus!)

Reach Terri at


Dear Terri,

My name is Dr Brett Watson and I am a Chiropractor who practices various wholistic techniques in order to help patients resolve their health issues. I was impressed with the result of your work with one of our patients.

This particular patient I had found to have heavy metal toxicity (copper). To determine this I use a specific biochemical test which has been proven to be accurate and reliable. The common treatment for heavy metal toxicity is oral chelation therapy. This treatment generally takes somewhere between 12 to 18 months to draw the toxins out of the body. The process is meant to be slow. We don’t want too much toxin coming out at once, as it can be released at dangerously concentrated levels into the tissues.

So you can imagine my amazement when the patient returned to me after only one week, requesting that I run the test again. She had been to see you and done PSYCH-K about her heavy metals. I could not believe the test result. It was negative -- no more copper in her system, and after only one week. Congratulations on such an amazing result. You are proving that when the mind is in control anything is possible.

Yours in good health

Dr Brett Watson

Feeling More Confident

Hi Jeff,

Here's a new success story to post. This one is actually mine! Bonnie.
Just wanted to touch base with you to share some of my successes over the last few weeks since our Edina class.

It is hard to explain the difference that I feel. I can't really put it into feelings and words, but I can tell you some of the things I am doing different since I balanced for "I love myself, therefore I take better care of myself". I don't turn away from the mirrors anymore. I am using better posture, and I'm smiling more. I have gone to bed earlier, eaten some better foods (and less of the not so good foods). I have also been to the Dr. for some long delayed tests, and lost 8 pounds. I balanced that I would lose 10 pounds this month and I think I'm going to do it! (Part of my weight loss right now is from some prep-work for one of the tests.)

In the area of my bus driver I balanced for "I am confident and competent at work". I had no incidences the first week and thought "Wow, this is a miracle. Not only did I change myself, but also changed my bus driver!" Then reality set in and she yelled at me 2 days in a row. The first day wasn't so bad and I had been minorly at fault so I apologized. The next day I hadn't done anything wrong, it just was not her way of doing things. Well I didn't keep silent that time. I held my head high and calmly told her what I had done each step along the way that was correct. I looked her in the eye and felt very confident. After she sat down and started to drive I kept looking (actually staring) at her in the rear-view mirror and each time she went to look in it she saw me and quickly took her eyes down. Usually she is the one glaring at me and I shy away. I wasn't glaring and I had a relaxed smile on my face as a sign of confidence. I don't know how things will be since that because she was gone the next day and I will be gone the next 3 days after that. But I felt very good about how I handled myself. It felt much better than cowering like I had done before.

Thank you for all your help and you sharing of something that is so powerful and useful.

PSYCH-K to Fire Captain: "How are you feeling?"

PSYCH-K Instructor Extraordinaire Chris Hooper, from Australia, forwards the following e-mail:

G'day Chris

A further update on how my life is now unfolding. As you know, I am a fire captain and was declared dead after being burned in the 2002 fires. After a long period of recovery time, I was still having nightmares, still "fighting the fire." Because of being burned, my body thermostat had shut down and I was close to boiling point on the inside ˜ literally. After trying everything I knew, I came to you for PSYCH-K® on the recommendation of my wife's chiropractor. After a number of sessions on a number of issues, I am happy to report the following:

My inner thermostat is now back to normal. That was after one session! One session of PSYCH-K, after five years, thousands of hours of therapy and thousands of dollars.

Since then we have worked with the nightmares, the guilt and shame, the physical pain, the reconnection with my peers, etc. I now feel more full of life than ever before. So much so that my wife and I have just completed the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop with you.

Thank you Chris.

Chris Hooper

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hunter Bags Depression & Anxiety, Then Fixes Smile

Last week I promised another Success from Australia, so here's an e-mail I received on the 4th of October. This is the sort of thing that gets me up every day to do what I do, in deep gratitude. I had the privilege of having this writer in my Advanced Workshop in Melbourne in July, which was organised by the magnificent Gary and Mary O'Brien. I say, Clog on, Philip! (I spelled organised the way the Aussies do.)

Hi Larry,

I don't mean to clog your e-mails, but I have to tell you about the amazing benefits I have had with PSYCH-K and my patients. I use PSYCH-K all the time in my physiotherapy clinic in Melbourne. I have helped so many people that I can't even count them.

Recently I helped a woman who had suffered ten years of depression, anxiety and cervical/thoracic pain. After only one Core Belief Balance [an Advanced balance - Ed.] she has no pain at all and is able to look people in the eye and say what she thinks. She has no depression and can't get the smile off her face. Thank you so much, Larry. After 25 years in practice, this is truly the most amazing modality.

With love, Philip Hunter

Larry Valmore
Sacred Mind

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Bone-Us-Point with PSYCH-K

Hi Larry,

I am a Naturopath practising in Perth, Western Australia. My husband and I did the Basic PSYCH-K course in August, and I've begun using it in clinic with astounding results. Two clients really warmed my heart and I'd like to share their stories with you.

The first is a lady with whom I've been working for some time. Twenty five years ago she developed cancer and, being a nurse, went the standard medical route. Mistakes were made, however, and even though she recovered from cancer she was badly burned from excess radiation. When she confronted her doctors they were unable to hide the records from her and they told her that in about twenty years she would probably develop leukemia. Talk about pointing the bone!!! [I'm told by Aussie Wunderkind Mary O'Brien that "Pointing the bone" means invoking a curse; the term is derived from the Aboriginal culture. Ed.]

Right on cue she began worrying about every symptom; a headache became a brain tumor, weak legs became MS. She was truly tortured and, to make it worse, felt guilty that she did not trust God enough to take care of her. I did two sessions with her, and when she came in yesterday, it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted. She smiled at me, hugged me, and said "Is it possible I can get 'me' back again? I feel like my old self, and I feel that I can plan now for my son and his new wife to visit in January."

I had done lots of other emotional-release kinds of work, but PSYCH-K was fast and efficient when we focused on wellness.

The second is a lady who used to be a man and who earns her living "selling her body." Last night she looked at me and said that she was meant to meet me, so she could move into a different area of her life. We've been concentrating on self-worth and new vocations. She is now working as a real estate sales person and has reduced her other business by half. She will drop it completely once she gets some commissions, which is the area we are now concentrating on.

I can't fully express how wonderful it is to have the tools to be able to help others in such a meaningful way. Thank you and Rob Williams for all the inspiring work you are doing. The world truly can become a better place.

Yours in health and happiness,

Helen Helms

From the email of Larry Valmore
Sacred Mind
PSYCH-K® ˜ The process that helps you Free Your Mind from the prison of limiting beliefs.

Who Is Minding the Mind?

Who is Minding the Mind? Of course, we PSYCH-K facilitators know the answer to this question. But, it is nice to know that empirical research seems to be supporting the notion that the subconscious mind is continuously making decisions for us - all without our knowing it. A recent article in the New York Times by Benedict Carey entitled, "Who's Minding the Mind", outlines the latest trends in psychological research on the power of the subconscious mind.

As Carey reports: "New studies have found that people tidy up more thoroughly when there’s a faint tang of cleaning liquid in the air; they become more competitive if there’s a briefcase in sight, or more cooperative if they glimpse words like “dependable” and “support” — all without being aware of the change, or what prompted it. Psychologists say that “priming” people in this way is not some form of hypnotism, or even subliminal seduction; rather, it’s a demonstration of how everyday sights, smells and sounds can selectively activate goals or motives that people already have."

"More fundamentally, the new studies reveal a subconscious brain that is far more active, purposeful and independent than previously known. Goals, whether to eat, mate or devour an iced latte, are like neural software programs that can only be run one at a time, and the unconscious is perfectly capable of running the program it chooses. Sometimes those goals are in line with our conscious intentions and purposes, and sometimes they’re not.”

Older "studies of products promising subliminal improvement, for things like memory and self-esteem, found no effect. Some scientists also caution against overstating the implications of the latest research on priming unconscious goals. ..Yet, "most in the field now agree that the evidence for psychological hot-wiring has become overwhelming."

"The new research on priming makes it clear that we are not alone in our own consciousness. We have company, an invisible partner who has strong reactions about the world that don’t always agree with our own, but whose instincts, these studies clearly show, are at least as likely to be helpful, and attentive to others, as they are to be disruptive."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Practitioner to Facilitator

I have come to understand PSYCH-K-ers call themselves Facilitators. You learn something new every day. I hope I've not created any confusion in changing this PSYCH-K related blog from Psych-K Practitioner to PSYCH-K FACILITATOR as well as changing the URL address. Of course if you're reading this the confusion has now passed...

Friday, October 5, 2007


"What you are right now the world is. You can't have what you are not willing to be. Transform yourself to transform the world."
- Dr. Lawrence Edward Carter, Sr.

"Our discipline is to search for and reach all the extremes of the human experience. For that we must live in the world, not only in our own biographies. We must keep our eyes and our hearts open to the world and it's challenges." - Anna Deveare Smith

Larry Valmore's Success Stories: "No More Nerves"

No More Nerves on Grating
or Mum's the Word
or Climb High, Sigh Low

Larry Valmore

This past May, I had the privilege of spending the day in Hermannsdorf, Germany (about 30 minutes south of Munich), with the lovely Manuela Kroos. She is German, but is quite fluent in English, which she speaks with a mixture of German and British accents (from my Yankee point of view). She sends the following Success. She does make a few slight errors writing English, but hey ˜ she does a whole lot better than I would do writing German! I've left her words just as I got them, for authenticity.


A woman with acrophobia came to see me for the second time. I expected it to be a straightforward session, based on past experience with the topic and on working with her previously.

Oh well, the process thought me differently.

The key believes and balances were:

1. "I climb up high, look down and feel ok." Did a VAK to the Future resulting in "I discovered my strength" and then used New Direction balance.
2. "I trust myself and listen to my inner voice." Did a VAK to the Future resulting in "I'm happy now," used Resolution Balance.
3. "It's easy for me to receive love from others." Did a VAK, one photo came up (she hugs her mum) resulting in "I let go of blockades." Again, Resolution Balance.

Besides the three key balances, we did a couple believes from the [7 Categories of Change] sheets. The central issue was the relationship with her mum, which could have been the cause of the acrophobia. After the session we went to a barn with very high silos and steel grating balconies/walks on top of the silos. She had tried to climb up several weeks ago but couldn't get up. This time she climbed all the way up to the top, walked around, and looked down. She couldn't believe it. What a joy!

Lots of love from Herrmannsdorf,


Manuela Kroos
malakaba ˆ beyond belief

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Encouraging PSYCH-K Practitioners to Post Directly to Our Site

I commented below, but thought it useful to post a basic philosophy of this blog here as well...

Attention of you who are "serious" practitioners of PSYCH-K: If any of you are interested in creating direct posts on the Psych-K Practitioners blog, please send me (Jeff) a direct email ( and I would be glad to invite you as a Guest of the site with permission to post directly rather than simply commenting. The goal of our blog is a "Community of Practice", a place to share experiences rather than the blog being about an individual person's log. As I said in my comments below, "this is not All-About-Me", but rather its about us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Practicing on your own is not easy!

Psych K Friends:

OK. I've got two big practice issues I'm dealing with right now. Practicing with myself and practicing with my partner. I guess that just about covers it all doesn't it! I'm not frustrated, just desiring some progress on both fronts.

1.Practicing with Myself
So I'm a klutz when it comes to practicing on myself. I've tried a bit Bonnie's quick-and-dirty-finger-muscle-test but just do not feel comfortable with knowing I'm actually doing it correctly. What experiences are out there regarding working on yourself alone.

2. Practicing with my Partner
I would practice with my wife, but well, even though she's supportive, she still smirks and is still a bit leery at the suggestion that she needs to focus on her subconscious beliefs: "so think you can read my subconscious mind now". I suspect its a natural part of relationships, eh? Any experiences there you can share?

Thanks for any suggestions that you may have.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting stuck

I keep getting stuck when wording a belief that doesn't include "don't". I've tried the trick of thinking the opposite of what it is I don't want but get stuck with the literal wording...any thoughts?

Great Job Jeff!!

Looks great! Thanks a lot for setting it up and I can't wait to hear success stories and get some feedback! Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been balancing left & right! So far, the results are pretty fantastic!

Yesterday I balanced for relief (didn't use the word) from the bad sinus pressure I've been having lately and I did a resolution balance. It didn't really work right away but today seems to be a bit better.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Introducing the Psych-K Practitioners Blog

This post initiates a new Psych-K blog for practitioners. It was inspired by our small group's discussions at the end of our two day introductory workshop with Bonnie Nussbaum, PhD on August 25-26, 2007 at her office in DePere, Wisconsin.

As I recall, rain clouds subsided almost immediately that Saturday, bringing forth warm sunshine for the first time in a long time. It proved to be a good omen. Carolyn, Melanie, Todd, Maria and myself, Jeff spent two story-packed days with Bonnie who did a good job of keeping us talkers focused on the task at hand - initiating real contact with our subconscious, learning how to test belief statements and do ritualistic balances. The consensus was that we went away with some new, useful and unique tools for our own and others transformation.

We all left, as most workshop participants do, vowing to "stay in touch". I suggested the blog was the easiest way to do this and here we are.

(One last interesting note: as I tried to secure a site name for our group, I ran into a blog already set up - but apparently not in use -
I guess Allison Taylor got there before us, but we've got the first post! - so competitive isn't it. Well, what do you expect from a male, left brained, overachiever looking to "balance" his tendancies?)