Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Moving Story Proves Regular PSYCH-K Is Good For You

(From the bowels of the Success factory; we've never stooped so low)

I received the following e-mail from the lovely and estimable Mary Trenfield in Bristol, UK. Mary is hot on the trail of becoming a Certified (Qualified) PSYCH-K Instructor. She did a marvelous job of detective work here; I'll outline her process in "The Inside Story" for those of you who have studied PSYCH-K.

Last week "Constance" came for help regarding the problem that she has with her bowel movements. Now in her mid-twenties, she has had this problem since she was four. Constance suffers from chronic constipation and can go for two weeks between bowel movements. Then she has diarrhea. She has visited numerous specialists and has had several procedures. She has had lots of counseling and has taken nutritional advise. Nothing has worked for her. The problem is very distressing to her and causes her discomfort every day.

It took us a while to get to the bottom (as it were) of this problem. [Mary made this joke, not me! ˜ Ed.] We muscle tested a variety of possibilities, eventually discerning that the problem had to do with a relationship with a man from her childhood. Constance told me that this man had attempted to murder his wife whilst Constance and her mother were visiting. The incident took place in the bathroom and the victim suffered multiple stab wounds. Constance's mother was very traumatized and never talked about the incident. This was the first time that Constance had made the connection between this incident and her constipation.

Having made this discovery Constance quickly came up with two belief statements: "It is completely safe for me to be in the bathroom on my own," and "It is completely safe for me to be around water even when I have my eyes shut." We used the New Direction Balance for both of these statements. Constance said she felt very different, and left saying that she needed to visit the bathroom!

The following day Constance related to me all of the habits she realized she had developed around her fear of the bathroom:

* She never locks the bathroom door but must have the front door locked.
* She always leaves the bathroom to clean her teeth, wash her hands, apply make-up etc.
* She invites her boyfriend into the bathroom as much as possible.
* She never takes a bath, and hates taking a shower.
* She panics when she closes her eyes in the shower and of course never wants to take the time to relax and spend time using the toilet, therefore manifesting urgent diarrhea so that she is in and out quickly. All of these behaviors she had developed without realizing!!!

The morning after her PSYCH-K session Constance had an enjoyable shower during which she was able to shut her eyes without panicking, applied her make-up, locked the bathroom door, chilled out a bit, had a completely normal bowel movement and came into work planning a lovely bubble bath for that evening. She is going to re-decorate the bathroom over the weekend!!! Whilst she was in work she found she could remain in the toilets to wash her hands and touch up her make-up.

One last thing: Constance went to collect her boyfriend that night "in the middle of nowhere." He was late arriving, and she said that she had none of her usual panic responses relating to being on her own in the dark.

Wow! 20 years of suffering and the problem is solved in just one hour of PSYCH-K.

Very best wishes to you Larry, from Mary

Mary can be reached at costume@oldvic.ac.uk

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