Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Horse?.. Of Course

Recently had great fun with PSYCH-K session with a horse. For your enjoyment...

Horse owner and I have done PSYCH-K with this horse before (through surrogation) but not when standing next to him.

I muscle tested the owner to see if best to work with her or the horse first. While testing to work with horse first, horse energetically moved his head up and down to say "YES me first". The muscle testing indicated this to be true.

After establishing surrogation with the owner representing her horse, we began testing for belief points to balance. When approaching the priority belief point, the horse, again, shook his head up and down for YES ... and of course, that was what tested as the priority belief point. This occurred almost every time.

When doing Energy Focusing, the horse shut his eyes and became very quiet. When we finished, he opened his eyes near the same time frame that we were finishing Energy Focusing.

Owner has shared that since the session: "We are both calmer...more positive and secure with ourselves and each
other. We are also more patient. It feels like a wonderful partnership."

Such a blessing to have PSYCH-K in our lives to share with human beings, four legged friends and any other form of consciousness!


Robin L. Graham
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