Monday, November 26, 2007

PSYCH-K to Fire Captain: "How are you feeling?"

PSYCH-K Instructor Extraordinaire Chris Hooper, from Australia, forwards the following e-mail:

G'day Chris

A further update on how my life is now unfolding. As you know, I am a fire captain and was declared dead after being burned in the 2002 fires. After a long period of recovery time, I was still having nightmares, still "fighting the fire." Because of being burned, my body thermostat had shut down and I was close to boiling point on the inside ˜ literally. After trying everything I knew, I came to you for PSYCH-K® on the recommendation of my wife's chiropractor. After a number of sessions on a number of issues, I am happy to report the following:

My inner thermostat is now back to normal. That was after one session! One session of PSYCH-K, after five years, thousands of hours of therapy and thousands of dollars.

Since then we have worked with the nightmares, the guilt and shame, the physical pain, the reconnection with my peers, etc. I now feel more full of life than ever before. So much so that my wife and I have just completed the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop with you.

Thank you Chris.

Chris Hooper

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