Thursday, September 20, 2007

Encouraging PSYCH-K Practitioners to Post Directly to Our Site

I commented below, but thought it useful to post a basic philosophy of this blog here as well...

Attention of you who are "serious" practitioners of PSYCH-K: If any of you are interested in creating direct posts on the Psych-K Practitioners blog, please send me (Jeff) a direct email ( and I would be glad to invite you as a Guest of the site with permission to post directly rather than simply commenting. The goal of our blog is a "Community of Practice", a place to share experiences rather than the blog being about an individual person's log. As I said in my comments below, "this is not All-About-Me", but rather its about us.


bonnie said...

Given that I am brand-spankin' new to this blog thing, everyone please feel free to guide me as I become facile with this.

Questions: How do I post directly? I know Jeff sent an e-mail about this, but I think I deleted it.

Is there any way to cue yourself that new information has been added to the site other than making it a practice to visit often?

What can we do to encourage others to join us? I'm going to the PSYCH-K conference for Instructors the end of the month and would be willing to champion our cause if I know what is appropriate to pitch to them. (This is going to sound hopelessly old-fashioned, but...) can we make a flier about this that I can hand out to everyone?

Also I am available to answer any questions any of you have about PSYCH-K from an Instructor's perspective. One of the things we're planning on doing at the convention is going over the Basic training and seeing where we are drifting from the original thought field. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for any support! Bonnie

bonnie said...

Me again. Is there a way for a blog to inform someone when a new comment has been posted? That might help me remember to check in more often.

Thanks, Bonnie