Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Bone-Us-Point with PSYCH-K

Hi Larry,

I am a Naturopath practising in Perth, Western Australia. My husband and I did the Basic PSYCH-K course in August, and I've begun using it in clinic with astounding results. Two clients really warmed my heart and I'd like to share their stories with you.

The first is a lady with whom I've been working for some time. Twenty five years ago she developed cancer and, being a nurse, went the standard medical route. Mistakes were made, however, and even though she recovered from cancer she was badly burned from excess radiation. When she confronted her doctors they were unable to hide the records from her and they told her that in about twenty years she would probably develop leukemia. Talk about pointing the bone!!! [I'm told by Aussie Wunderkind Mary O'Brien that "Pointing the bone" means invoking a curse; the term is derived from the Aboriginal culture. Ed.]

Right on cue she began worrying about every symptom; a headache became a brain tumor, weak legs became MS. She was truly tortured and, to make it worse, felt guilty that she did not trust God enough to take care of her. I did two sessions with her, and when she came in yesterday, it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted. She smiled at me, hugged me, and said "Is it possible I can get 'me' back again? I feel like my old self, and I feel that I can plan now for my son and his new wife to visit in January."

I had done lots of other emotional-release kinds of work, but PSYCH-K was fast and efficient when we focused on wellness.

The second is a lady who used to be a man and who earns her living "selling her body." Last night she looked at me and said that she was meant to meet me, so she could move into a different area of her life. We've been concentrating on self-worth and new vocations. She is now working as a real estate sales person and has reduced her other business by half. She will drop it completely once she gets some commissions, which is the area we are now concentrating on.

I can't fully express how wonderful it is to have the tools to be able to help others in such a meaningful way. Thank you and Rob Williams for all the inspiring work you are doing. The world truly can become a better place.

Yours in health and happiness,

Helen Helms

From the email of Larry Valmore
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