Monday, November 26, 2007

A Balancing Act

Here is a question for all of you "Facilitators" and instructors of PSYCH-L out there to chew on:

I've been balancing for various aspects of my "psychology" for lack of a better word. Its common and natural for most of us to want to "self-improve". Your all familiar with the standard self-improvement balancing acts: anxiety, feeling more confident and other self-esteem issues, removing fear, anger and depression from our lives. These items keep reappearing in the Success Stories.

My question that has now become a set of questions:

Once we balance for various items on this list of psychological characteristics we'd like to "improve" are we done? Is it just a matter of watching changed behaviors manifest in our lives?

Is it that easy?

Are we "done done done" with that issue forever, or as I'm beginning to sense, can those issues pop up again in another behavioral disguise?

Could it be that we can only balance for those aspects of our psychology that we are presently aware of?

Another way of asking the question is, to what degree do we need to re-balance, if at all or are we simply experiencing new facets of our psychology that need additional balancing?

I am very interested to hear from YOU...

You Got Nuthin' On Me, Copper! or Heavy Metal No Music to Chiropractor's Ears

Continuing in a line of Aussie Successies, Terri Bowman sends the following that she received from a chiropractor, in Western Australia I believe. I met Terri in Munich last May, where she came to study Advanced PSYCH-K. (Klaus Medicus sponsored that Workshop for me to teach. Now he is a newly Certified Advanced Workshop Instructor. Congratulations, Klaus!)

Reach Terri at


Dear Terri,

My name is Dr Brett Watson and I am a Chiropractor who practices various wholistic techniques in order to help patients resolve their health issues. I was impressed with the result of your work with one of our patients.

This particular patient I had found to have heavy metal toxicity (copper). To determine this I use a specific biochemical test which has been proven to be accurate and reliable. The common treatment for heavy metal toxicity is oral chelation therapy. This treatment generally takes somewhere between 12 to 18 months to draw the toxins out of the body. The process is meant to be slow. We don’t want too much toxin coming out at once, as it can be released at dangerously concentrated levels into the tissues.

So you can imagine my amazement when the patient returned to me after only one week, requesting that I run the test again. She had been to see you and done PSYCH-K about her heavy metals. I could not believe the test result. It was negative -- no more copper in her system, and after only one week. Congratulations on such an amazing result. You are proving that when the mind is in control anything is possible.

Yours in good health

Dr Brett Watson

Feeling More Confident

Hi Jeff,

Here's a new success story to post. This one is actually mine! Bonnie.
Just wanted to touch base with you to share some of my successes over the last few weeks since our Edina class.

It is hard to explain the difference that I feel. I can't really put it into feelings and words, but I can tell you some of the things I am doing different since I balanced for "I love myself, therefore I take better care of myself". I don't turn away from the mirrors anymore. I am using better posture, and I'm smiling more. I have gone to bed earlier, eaten some better foods (and less of the not so good foods). I have also been to the Dr. for some long delayed tests, and lost 8 pounds. I balanced that I would lose 10 pounds this month and I think I'm going to do it! (Part of my weight loss right now is from some prep-work for one of the tests.)

In the area of my bus driver I balanced for "I am confident and competent at work". I had no incidences the first week and thought "Wow, this is a miracle. Not only did I change myself, but also changed my bus driver!" Then reality set in and she yelled at me 2 days in a row. The first day wasn't so bad and I had been minorly at fault so I apologized. The next day I hadn't done anything wrong, it just was not her way of doing things. Well I didn't keep silent that time. I held my head high and calmly told her what I had done each step along the way that was correct. I looked her in the eye and felt very confident. After she sat down and started to drive I kept looking (actually staring) at her in the rear-view mirror and each time she went to look in it she saw me and quickly took her eyes down. Usually she is the one glaring at me and I shy away. I wasn't glaring and I had a relaxed smile on my face as a sign of confidence. I don't know how things will be since that because she was gone the next day and I will be gone the next 3 days after that. But I felt very good about how I handled myself. It felt much better than cowering like I had done before.

Thank you for all your help and you sharing of something that is so powerful and useful.

PSYCH-K to Fire Captain: "How are you feeling?"

PSYCH-K Instructor Extraordinaire Chris Hooper, from Australia, forwards the following e-mail:

G'day Chris

A further update on how my life is now unfolding. As you know, I am a fire captain and was declared dead after being burned in the 2002 fires. After a long period of recovery time, I was still having nightmares, still "fighting the fire." Because of being burned, my body thermostat had shut down and I was close to boiling point on the inside ˜ literally. After trying everything I knew, I came to you for PSYCH-K® on the recommendation of my wife's chiropractor. After a number of sessions on a number of issues, I am happy to report the following:

My inner thermostat is now back to normal. That was after one session! One session of PSYCH-K, after five years, thousands of hours of therapy and thousands of dollars.

Since then we have worked with the nightmares, the guilt and shame, the physical pain, the reconnection with my peers, etc. I now feel more full of life than ever before. So much so that my wife and I have just completed the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop with you.

Thank you Chris.

Chris Hooper