Thursday, September 20, 2007

Encouraging PSYCH-K Practitioners to Post Directly to Our Site

I commented below, but thought it useful to post a basic philosophy of this blog here as well...

Attention of you who are "serious" practitioners of PSYCH-K: If any of you are interested in creating direct posts on the Psych-K Practitioners blog, please send me (Jeff) a direct email ( and I would be glad to invite you as a Guest of the site with permission to post directly rather than simply commenting. The goal of our blog is a "Community of Practice", a place to share experiences rather than the blog being about an individual person's log. As I said in my comments below, "this is not All-About-Me", but rather its about us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Practicing on your own is not easy!

Psych K Friends:

OK. I've got two big practice issues I'm dealing with right now. Practicing with myself and practicing with my partner. I guess that just about covers it all doesn't it! I'm not frustrated, just desiring some progress on both fronts.

1.Practicing with Myself
So I'm a klutz when it comes to practicing on myself. I've tried a bit Bonnie's quick-and-dirty-finger-muscle-test but just do not feel comfortable with knowing I'm actually doing it correctly. What experiences are out there regarding working on yourself alone.

2. Practicing with my Partner
I would practice with my wife, but well, even though she's supportive, she still smirks and is still a bit leery at the suggestion that she needs to focus on her subconscious beliefs: "so think you can read my subconscious mind now". I suspect its a natural part of relationships, eh? Any experiences there you can share?

Thanks for any suggestions that you may have.