Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Practicing on your own is not easy!

Psych K Friends:

OK. I've got two big practice issues I'm dealing with right now. Practicing with myself and practicing with my partner. I guess that just about covers it all doesn't it! I'm not frustrated, just desiring some progress on both fronts.

1.Practicing with Myself
So I'm a klutz when it comes to practicing on myself. I've tried a bit Bonnie's quick-and-dirty-finger-muscle-test but just do not feel comfortable with knowing I'm actually doing it correctly. What experiences are out there regarding working on yourself alone.

2. Practicing with my Partner
I would practice with my wife, but well, even though she's supportive, she still smirks and is still a bit leery at the suggestion that she needs to focus on her subconscious beliefs: "so think you can read my subconscious mind now". I suspect its a natural part of relationships, eh? Any experiences there you can share?

Thanks for any suggestions that you may have.



Carolyn said...

Jeff, firstly, thanks for setting this up. I was practicing a lot right after the weekend of our workshop (on my own, as I have no other option right now) but many times I'd only get as far as asking permission because I'd get shotdown to go any further! It was a bit discouraging and frankly maddening. I used the "q and d" finger method you mentioned, as once I got myself balanced, found it pretty accurate, i.e., very unyielding when I said my name as carolyn, and very easy to break when I said my name as throckmorton. I think I just need to get back in the saddle and hope my subconscious is ready to cooperate.

Jeff Lackney said...

Thanks Carolyn. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with some difficulties, but I'm not surprised of course. Since you've had some success I guess I'll try to be more systematic about my practice and see if I can't make some headway.

Have you tried to create your own POST? You can as an author. I'd like you guys to try doing so when you get a chance!

Carolyn said...

I would create my own post but I don't see how. All I can see is "post a comment". Is this a Mac/PC thing? (I'm on a Mac).

bonnie said...

Hi Jeff!

I, too, would like to be set up as an author so you would need to walk me through how to do that.

As for your testing, did you balance for "I trust that my individual muscle testing is accurate and consistent" because often that helps clear up problems with testing yourself.

Again, to me, the muscle testing is a far less important piece than the actual balance itself. So, even if you were to continue to struggle with the muscle testing (which I don't think you will), you could just focus on the balance part of the process, then look for evidence in your life that the balance has changed things.

Jeff Lackney said...

Very practical Bonnie. I'll try your suggestions.I need to since I think I'm starting to experience some "psychological movement". Interestingly, there is some weird half-baked experiences that are starting to emerge in my life that I can't fully understand yet, but it centers on the ecology of relationships with people confirming that my illness may be more of an epiphenomena of deeper, more subconscious beliefs that I'm holding on to. I want to post in more detail soon on what I am learning up here in Regina, Saskatchewan on a new school design for a high school with a high percentage of First Nations people. VERY interesting synergies occurring with my discussions with Elders here.

bonnie said...

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay in my response, but my life ran over the top of me for a while here. I even made the decision to hand off a Basic class to another instructor in order to take this weekend to rethink my life's path. I'll let you know what I discover!

I'm so excited that you are looking at your illness as a messenger for deeper work to be done! This is one of the coolest aspects of PSYCH-K, in my opinion. PSYCH-K has been used to benefit individuals with cancer, diabetes, chronic headaches, and other issues.

For myself, chronic pain in my left shoulder (which I attributed to a tennis injury in college) actually was relieved when I did some work on it not being my job to carry the burdens of the world.

Dr. Steven Anthony, whom I sponsor to teach Advanced PSYCH-K, often approaches the health issues with the question "There is a life lesson to be revealed with this illness (injury, etc)" If the muscle test is strong, he proceeds to test more statements to clarify the issue down to a balancable statement.

If anyone wants more information about how to do this and what statements you can test, just let me know.


Jeff Lackney said...

Larry makes the following comment:

I can make a couple of comments about your post regarding practice of PSYCH-K, either with yourself or with your wife.

First, I noticed you said practice "on" myself. Remember we always do PSYCH-K with, not on, even if we're all alone. Would you rather have
someone make love with you, or make love on you? (I'm indebted to Jeff Albrecht in Boulder, Colorado for that one.)

As far as working with your wife, I highly recommend you cease any efforts to facilitate with her, and instead ask her to facilitate with you. She
does not have to have studied PSYCH-K. Simply show her where to put her hands to muscle test with you, i.e. one on the shoulder, the other just
above your wrist, and demonstrate how much pressure to use. Then, everywhere the facilitator would normally say "Be strong," YOU say "Push."
You read the instructions, you facilitate your own balance, your wife simply pushes on your arm.

Start by asking her to help you with statements that she would appreciate your believing, e.g., "I am patient and loving with my wife," "I pick up
my dirty socks and put them in the hamper," "At the end of the work day I talk with my wife instead of turning on the news," etc. When you have done enough change of yourself using PSYCH-K, (perhaps over weeks or months)and she can clearly see the benefits, she'll want some for herself. Then make her beg you for it. ;-)

Regarding self-testing, Bonnie had an excellent suggestion. Ask your wife or a friend to help you balance for that one, using the technique I described above. ALL muscle testing operates on one's belief in muscle testing. Lack of belief equates to lack of effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I have to do it on my own too and I'm doing it just from what I was able to glean from watching the intro video. I am trying to manifest the cash now to go to a workshop and be certified. I am having great success using my right arm held up in front of me and pressing on my wrist. I shared this with my husband and he says he got success doing the balance but he wont try to think of things to balance on his own. For me as a computer programmer this is totally fascinating. For a long time I could see the 'code' running beneath the surface of reality but had no clue how to interact with it. I feel so empowered by this and cant wait to tweak my code. I have SOO many areas that are blocked, like tethers holding my hot air balloon to the ground. I am working through them one by one, discovering areas that must be worked on first. =)