Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Introducing the Psych-K Practitioners Blog

This post initiates a new Psych-K blog for practitioners. It was inspired by our small group's discussions at the end of our two day introductory workshop with Bonnie Nussbaum, PhD on August 25-26, 2007 at her office in DePere, Wisconsin.

As I recall, rain clouds subsided almost immediately that Saturday, bringing forth warm sunshine for the first time in a long time. It proved to be a good omen. Carolyn, Melanie, Todd, Maria and myself, Jeff spent two story-packed days with Bonnie who did a good job of keeping us talkers focused on the task at hand - initiating real contact with our subconscious, learning how to test belief statements and do ritualistic balances. The consensus was that we went away with some new, useful and unique tools for our own and others transformation.

We all left, as most workshop participants do, vowing to "stay in touch". I suggested the blog was the easiest way to do this and here we are.

(One last interesting note: as I tried to secure a site name for our group, I ran into a blog already set up - but apparently not in use -
I guess Allison Taylor got there before us, but we've got the first post! - so competitive isn't it. Well, what do you expect from a male, left brained, overachiever looking to "balance" his tendancies?)


Marei said...

Hello Jeff,
congratulations to this page !
Bonnie just shared with us instructor colleagues what you are doing and I enjoy your initiative. I just imagine a similar page starting in Europe, soon (I am an instructor based in Germany, btw.)
You were referring to the other Blog you found. I agree, you definetly have more postings. The one advantage that Allison's page has to yours is that she wrote PSYCH-K in capital letters according to the correct spelling. How could that happen to an analytical left brainer? ;-)
Greetings from Europe !

Jeff Lackney said...

Thanks Marei. Now you got my right brain feeling I'll keep the upper and lower spelling just to be different!

Mary O'Brien said...

Hi Jeff & everyone!

What a fabulous initiative and a great way to use the technology to share ideas, support each other and celebrate everyone's PSYCH-K successes!

I'm an instructor in Australia so will be passing on your link to our graduates at our upcoming courses and also via our newsletter so expect some visits from Downunder. : )

Happy Balancing!

Love Mary

Jeff Lackney said...

Marei, Mary and others in the network: If any of you are interested in creating direct posts on the Psych-K Practitioners blog, please send me a direct email and I would be glad to invite you as a Guest of the site.

Our goal for this site is to get us all posting rather than just commenting on my personal posts. Its not "All-About-Me" as you know ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff
I am a facilitator from Downunder. Congratulations on this initiative, it is just what we all need to keep in touch, so thank you.
I am a horse rider and have facilitated a few very interesting 'surrogate' balances with some horses and riders to overcome stiffness, nervousness and various other training challenges. I am constantly overwhelmed by the positive outcomes of both horses and riders.
I am wanting to develop this further with other sports too. Anyone out there doing something similar, I would love to hear from you.
from Gail Dell
Perth, Australia

Jeff Lackney said...

Thanks Gail for your comments and your innovative use of PSYCH-K for horses and riders!