Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting stuck

I keep getting stuck when wording a belief that doesn't include "don't". I've tried the trick of thinking the opposite of what it is I don't want but get stuck with the literal wording...any thoughts?


Jeff Lackney said...

Maria - its a bad habit we're all in. In the past, before Psych-K, what seemed to work for me was to make a discontinuous jump, a quantum leap, into an imagined future and imagine my "perfect" state. Kind of like reinventing my "self" or my world then working backwards from that. Let me know if that helps in any way.

Marei said...

Hi Maria,
instead of looking for the exact opposite I prefer asking myself or the other: "Okay, this is what you don't want. What would you like instead?" This seems to open up the space more than just searching for the opposite.
Greetings from Germany :)

bonnie said...

Hi Maria!

I finally got some time and figured out how to do this...this is my VERY FIRST blog comment!! Yeah, me!

I agree with Marei that asking what you DO want instead is often helpful.

Another approach I've used is "If I could have it be any way I wanted it, how would I want it to be?"

Let me know what success you have with this.

Jeff Lackney said...

So exciting to know that you've jumped in! We can talk through authorship soon.